Since 2002, I’ve been a more or less active player of a top-down racing game, GeneRally. Besides my active racing career, the most important part for me has been creating tracks. I started with traditional layouts but during the years have ended up with pretty wild experiments, pushing the boundaries of the game to the realms of art. To date, I have released more than 250 tracks for GeneRally, with a combined download count of more than 40 000.

My biggest achievements:
» World Champion (Racer of the year) (2011, 2012)
» Track of Year winner (2005, 2014, 2014)
» Trackpack of Year winner (2010)

Download all of my GeneRally creations [11115 KB, updated on September 3rd, 2020]
My GeneRally website
Download GeneRally 1.2d

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